Zero Angle Digital Camera Concept – Rockin’ Cool Concept by Korean Designers

This camera cover concept is really ROCK! I guess you will agree with me because this concept might completely change the habit and how we use digital camera. The main idea of this camera cover concept is to bring the entire back panel screen of the camera rotatable.


The designer Sun Ho Sin and Jeong Eun Park has adopted a 360 degrees rotatable LCD screen where you can fully flip the display panel to the front side to be the lens protector. Thus, it has become easiest way to protect the lens from scratches, dirt, dusts and bumps while showing a great sleek design that has the look of iRiver SPINN PMP.



However, I’ve seen this kind of concept as more than just a concept for lens protection. If it happen to hit the market, it could be a best alternative of a dual LCD digital camera such as Samsung ST225. The designer could just design a cool feature where the the camera cover (which is also the LCD panel) can be used as the self-portrait digital camera by tilting it halfway (180 degree). User will be easily and conveniently see their face before capturing any photo.

It’s a great design. But I have one question. Did the designer forgot to add the camera button? :)

[Yanko via The Cool Gadgets]

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