Mitsubishi Releases New 2010 3D Home Cinema DLP HDTVs


Continuing their ventures in the Display market, Mitsubishi has rolled out a new range of 3D Home Cinema DLP HDTVs. There are 3 models introduced with 4 screen sizes (vary) including 60-inch 65-inch, 73-inch and 82-inch screen sizes. It sure has an unique screen size as I’ve seen none with 73-inch or 82-inch screen. They are also known as the 638-series, 738-series and 838-series, which have a wide range of tasty features for your home entertainment.

Mitsubishi 2010 3D Home Cinema DLP HDTVs are not only 3D-enabled, it can also watch streaming movie via StreamTV Internet Media, and with its Immersive Sound technology it guaranteed to bring the fun to your home.

Other features that come along are including 3D DLP Link, 6-Color Processor, HDMi-PC compatibility and HDMI with CEC technology.

The 738-series has more features compared to 638-series. The series has already sports optional USB WiFi connectivity, Plush 1080p 5G 12-bit Video processor, DeepField Imager, Smooth120, EdgeEnhance, and Advanced Video Calibration. Meanwhile, the 838-Series has all of the features 638 and 738 have, and it also have the extra bluetooth, Subwoofer and 6-Speaker Immerse Sound Technology with output power of 32W. Bunch of jargon there. :)

Pricing Details:
Mitsubishi 2010 3D Home Cinema DLP HDTV – 638 Series

  • WD-60638 – $1,199.00
  • WD-65638 – $1,499.00
  • WD-73638 – $1,999.00

Mitsubishi 2010 3D Home Cinema DLP HDTV – 738 Series

  • WD-60738 – $1,399.00
  • WD-65738 – $1,799.00
  • WD-73738 – $2,399.00
  • WD-82738 – $3,799.00

Mitsubishi 2010 3D Home Cinema DLP HDTV – 838 Series

  • WD-65838 – $2,199.00
  • WD-73838 – $2,799.00
  • WD-82838 – $4,499.00

[Press Release via iTechNews]

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