Sadistic Pen Holder – Torture That Red Guy!

I hope you’ve ever seen the Voodoo Knife Block Knives Holder (Designed By Raffaele Iannello) because that is the only way for you to figure out what I’m talking about in this post. The sadistic knives holder that tortures the red guy (you can find the detail here and here) to death has spread its wings, going from your kitchen utensil into your office stationary – to be your Pens Holder!

The Ex pen-holder-by-Raffaele-Iannello

This Pen Holder is also called as ‘The Ex’ because it’s designed by Raffaele Iannello. This gadget featuring the same things, it has been pre-made with holes (6 of them) to store your pens. Or in the sadistic language, it’s the ‘honey spot’ for you to torture that red guy!


Thinkgeek said that torturing the character can relief your stress. I’m not sure though, I’m pretty pity on this red guy because after so may years, he still cannot escape from the tortures. but if you agree with those Geek heads in the thinkgeek lab, then you should own one of this to channel your stresses. :)

There are two colors available, and you will be able to get this set of unique Pens Holder for $49.99 at Thinkgeek.

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