Swarovski Crystals Xbox 360 Mod [CrystalRoc]

The Bling-Bling artist CrystalRoc has made another cool creation for XBox 360 gamers to brag of. As usual, CrystalRoc is using Swarovski crystals as the main attraction, and this latest model of Xbox 360 console has been transformed into luxurious, crystal-edges, cutting edge gaming console with all the wow-wee crystal lining.


Though there is a golden Xbox 360 mod in the past, but this Swarovski version has totally win hands down. This magnificent works has set of 70 hours to handcraft and as many as 11,520 Swarovski crystals studded on the surface of the Microsoft XBox 360. It give the console its brightest shines through our eyes without hurting too much on our wallet if you want to have one like this.

You can contact CrystalRoc at sales[at]crystalroc.com for the pricing details.

[via CrystalRoc]

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