New Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman

When talking about Walkman, I still remember that oldie cassette player Walkman I have in the 90’s that were pretty bulky but it has successfully accompanying me for more than 10 years! :)

Well, fast forward 20 years, Sony has made their Walkman not as a cassette player anymore. Beside it’s digital, Sony latest W250 Walkman is now waterproof!


Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman is coming in a shape of a wearable headset, and it has a modern minimalistic design with glossy surface. It’s completely compatible with the current teens lifestyle, because it has coming with 4 lively and bright color selections (shiny pink, bright green, piano black, pearl white) with size 2GB or 4GB to store your media files.

Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC and Linear PCM. It has integrated one rechargeable battery that you can reuse for thousands time, and it’s just about 3 minutes fill the juice when run out. Each recharge will give you about 90 minutes of continues play back. Well, not too shabby. If you can find a suitable adapter, you can combine PowerStick and this Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman for hundred hours of playback time! 😀



According to the press release, Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman will be shipping on May, but the price remains undisclosed.

[Press Release]

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