PowerStick 8GB – Store Both Energy and Data In One Pack


For you who have a lot of gadgets might want to check this out. PowerStick, which is known as the mobile easy to carry USB rechargeable alternate power source is getting a new addon. On its first generation, PowerStick has the capability to store power via USB port or USB Wall adapter and keep the power inside its Lithium Ion battery. Then you can use the stored energy to charge your mobile gadgets such as cell phone, PMP, digital cameras, and so on. PowerStick provides a clear LCD indicator to let you know how much juice’s left inside the rechargeable battery.

In this second generation, PowerStick is not only capable of storing energy for later use, it also capable of storing your data because the creator has inserted 8GB of flash chip! Oh, I love multi functional gadgets! :)


Which mean, when you are using the flash drive option by plugin to your laptop or desktop, at the same time you are charging the Lithium battery automatically without to do it separately. One stone two birds. PowerStick 8GB has comes with a range of adapters so you can suit it with your power hungry mobile device.


You can find the detail of PowerStick 8GB at PowerStick official site ($99.50 USD).

[via EverythingUSB]

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