Sharp Developed World’s First Four-Primary-Color 3D HDTV

As the World’s moving forward to the 3 dimension trend, Sharp has followed the crowd entering 3D media HDTV with their own magnificent new technology called the ‘Four Primary Color’ 3D HDTV. Mainly most LED HDTV has RGB color only, however, Sharp add another Yellow, resulting in RGBY array of colors to provides a much brighter and vivid displays (about 1.8 times higher than common LCD HDTVs).


Sharp also claimed that their new four-primary-color 3D LCD LED HDTV has less crosstalk or what we know as the ghost images in 3D Display technology. However, it seems a Shutter 3D glasses is needed to enjoy the full version of 3D images, unlike what Nintendo 3DS can do with your bare eye.

Other respectable features also include UV2A technology, FRED technology and side-mount scanning LED Backlight technology. There is no news yet when you can purchase one for your living room.

[MarketWatch via Winarco]

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