Magnet Accelerator Cannon Kit

I’ve ever heard about magnet generator that once turn on, it can provide years of free energy. But this is the first time I heard about Magnet Accelerator Cannon, where the kit is using a science of magnetic field to push the iron cannon ball at a tremendous speed, which is enough to blast a group of toy cannon fodders.


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That’s a cool saying by some old, dead scientist dude. What it means (for those of you without a background in the Physics) is: if you push a boring ball into a magnetic accelerator, you will find it amazing as a ball on the other end shoots out at high speed. See . . . boring is the opposite of amazing! And that’s how physics makes life fun.

But seriously, this is a really simple kit to put together and wonderfully illustrates a magnetic accelerator. You’ll have it ready and armed in a matter of minutes (no gluing required). Set the metal ball at the end of the track and watch as the energy transfers and multiplies down the track of magnets and metal balls until finally the last ball zooms off. The Magnetic Accelerator Cannon is a great study for science fairs, but is just at home on your desk (just be careful what it sits near – these magnets are STRONG). Magnetic acceleration has a big place in our future (from weapons to travel) so why not start learning about it now? The future is today.

Looks fun, it cost $29.99 to own one.

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