TuneBug Vibe – Vibration Speaker That Turns Any Surface into s Speaker


Similar with VibeHolic and K-Box, TuneBug Vibe will turn any flat concrete surface into a large speaker using vibration technology. TuneBug is just 2.5-inch in diameter, shape like an onigiri rice food from Japan, and it will compatible with most gadgets that could produce digital music such MP3 Players, mobile phone, laptop or PMP.

TuneBug vibe might come in handy because of its mini-size. You can obviously store it in your bag and it won’t eat too much space.

TuneBug Vibe can be used as the best alternative to a set of external speakers, and don’t you dare to underestimated its size. It can actually produce a loud audio feedback on a special surface such as wood or flat cement wall.


TuneBug Vibe Speaker, or what they called as the Portable SurfaceSound Speaker is selling for $65 right now. If you are interested, you can check it out at TuneBug site.

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