Prediction: Xbox 360 Slim Down with Project Natal Bundle


So it turned out the rumor about Xbox 360 Slim edition is getting another buzz. Fancy analysts at Wedbush Morgan, predicted that on this holidays time (perhaps fall or Christmas) you will see a new Xbox 360 bundle that is coming with the new Slim Xbox 360, 250GB HDD, and Project Natal built-in.

No idea if it also bundled with some Natal compatible games or not, but the prediction is Microsoft will keep the price value at $299. It sounds like a great deal because new buyer will be interested to buy Xbox 360 instead of PS3 slim because of the Project Natal.

Unless Sony is kind enough to drop their PS3 price and add-up a set of free Playstation Move, buyers will pass-by Playstation 3 and buy Microsoft’s new gimmick.

[via Crunchgear]

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