Cheapest iPad Stand is Actually a Business Card Holder. Great.

Most of the iPad Stand that ever blogged at cost two digit of dollars. However, this so called “cheapest iPad Stand” will also cost you two digits of dollars, but behind the decimal!


So how much does it cost? It’s $0.69 USD, not $69 or above. :)

Currently, OfficeDepot is selling this cost effective iPad stand for USD0.69 + shipping cost. Of course, You might not want to buy the single product only because shipping fee might higher than the product! :)


Devigal says it’s ideal as it “keeps [his] iPad screen tilted enough for easy viewing,” making it easier to use with the wireless keyboard. I can just see this becoming a trend—iPad MacGyvers using household appliances as keyboards, cases and shrines.

You know what? I went to OfficeDepot and found this product is actually a Business card holder! Oh, this is just brilliant. Very cheap, but I’ll have to say: “Use it at your own risk!” because it’s not designed exclusively for iPad. :)

Head to Office Depot to buy one.

[via Geeky gadgets, 2DayBlog, TheCoolGadgets, Andrew Devigal]

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