Buffalo SHD-LVS-BK USB SSD drive


Buffalo has married the two technologies of USB and SSD into one, and gave birth to the new remix called USB SSD Drive. This is really the new tech Jargon, Buffalo introduces their USB SSD Drive as the SHD-LVS-BK, certainly one name that is quite hard to read.

This Buffalo SHD-LVS-BK USB SSD will be connected via USB 2.0 (although we hope to see some USB 3.0 now!), and it can hold up to 64GB of data inside this small flash drive like 23mm x 10mm x 98mm USB SSD Drive.

You will also find two special functions, which is the TurboPC and TurboCopy that promise to boost the transfer rates limit to the whole new level, but no details yet on how the software will affect SHD-LVS-BK USB SSD Drive’s performance. Depending on how many digits you have in your bank statement, you can get Buffalo from starting price of $28 (where you will get 3GB) to $260 (64GB).

[via PCLaunches]

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    Buffalo is back with a new USB flash drive that uses the solid state drive technology. The drive also boasts TurboPC and TurboCopy functions that reportedly boost transfer rates also it will be powered via a USB 2.0 connection, holding 64GB of data while measuring a diminutive 23mm x 10mm x 98 mm.

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