Disk It Sticky Notes – Reviving The Old Diskette


If you think diskette is out of date and its lifespan has expired, then designer Burak Kaynak has just revived the old school media into something else usable. The designer introduced Disk It sticky notes, a notes that share the same diskette shape and you can take a note on the available white label like in the old school.


In the last few years more and more instances of the floppy disks have been spotted online but i couldn’t find anything interesting for myself. So i came up with an idea; Disk-it

An iconic alternative to the most popular yellow post-it notes, 3.5″ floppy disk shaped sticky notes, designed for taking notes – attaching notes to documents and to other surfaces.

Interested? Nope, you can’t have it and I have to turn you down because this Disk It Sticky Notes is a prototype built by the designer. It hasn’t hit the manufacturing stage yet and the availability yet to be known.

[Behance via The Awesomer]

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