DP-SLR Field HD Monitor For DSLR Cameras

Feeling your eyes are too big to see the things display on your DSLR display panel? No more worry as SmallHD has been coming with a magnificent (but expensive) solution to help your biggie eyes to view your snapshots result conveniently.


This is the DP-SLR monitor, a practical HD mini monitor that will help you see your result in a High-definition manner. DP-SLR monitor has 5.6-inch screen with 1280×800 resolutions. This should solve your existing problem and providing a better display because most built-in LCD has a rubbish resolution.

However, there are two drawbacks of this DP-SLR monitor. One is the price (pretty pricey, but compared with the same field monitor, it’s the lowest price), and the other is the mounting option. You will have to buy or use the default hotshoe mount to install this monitor on your DSLR camera.

DP-SLR Field Monitor is connected to your camera via HDMI port, and you’ll have to pay for $1200 to get one. Great deal isn’t it?

CORRECTION: It appears the $1200 is made exclusively for broadcase video (3G HD-SDI model). For DSLR user, you only need to pay $899 to get one of this DP-SLR Field monitor.

This product was initially designed for the DSLR videographer. However we are interested to see if the DP-SLR will find a home in the photography community as well.

by Reed – SmallHD.com

[Thanks for the Tip, Reed!]

[Doobybrain via Crunchgear]

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    SmallHD is taking pre-orders for this $1199 DP-SLR attachment that allows for a much larger viewing space for those primarily shooting video on a DSLR. The unit attaches itself via an HDMI cable and sits on the hotshoe above the camera.So whenever this product will be in market it will create a high demand.

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