Toshiba Tablet PC: Windows 7 And Google Android Flavors


Toshiba has also hooped onto the Tablet PC bandwagon where iPad, HP and Microsoft strive competition belongs. Instead of carrying a single weapon to try to crush the competition, Toshiba is carrying two. Their Tablet PC will coming in two models, Windows 7 powered or Android powered.

There is no details yet whether the two version will have a different specs of not, but what I have known is the tablets have 10-inch touchscreen panel, made for the mobile internet user, and the Windows version will run on Windows CE (or 7?).

The Toshiba tablet device will be rolled out in the early 2011. I do hope Toshiba didn’t hoop in to the market for just trying to survive. If the tablet is offering a so-so specification, unlikely they are going to be defeated before the entering the battlefield.

[Gadgetlite via Coated]

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  • The Toshiba Folio also looks very interesting. We need a quality company like Toshiba to release some great quality Tablet PCs.

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