Announcement: HP DataVault X510 Giveaway Is Coming Soon!

hp-data-vault-x510-giveaway-announcementJust about 2 months ago, we reviewed about this HP StorageWorks Data Vault X510 with the help of John Obeto. We’ve promised in the post that we will giveaway the device to one of our lucky readers, so today we are announcing that soon we will be able to fulfill our promise! :)

In next week, exactly on Monday 25th we will start the giveaway contest giving away the HP Data Vault X510 with 1 week duration (end on May 2nd, 2010). The contest is sponsored by HP themselves with the help from the guys at IvyWorldwide.

The contest is not running by us all alone. There are 6 other great bloggers and tech sites that is also taking part on this giveaway for their own audience to win the coolest giveaway of the month. Each site will giveaway one HP StorageWorks Data Vault X510 to one of their own lucky readers and for you who didn’t win on the first round can follow up through all of the sites (listed below) until the end of the chain. Here is the detail schedule in case you need to test your luck:

No. Website Launch Date Announcement Date
1. Neowin April 11st, 2010 April 18th, 2010
2. Jake’s MediaBlab April 18th, 2010 April 25th, 2010
3. Hardware Sphere April 25th, 2010 May 2nd, 2010
4. SlashGear May 2nd, 2010 May 9th, 2010
5. Geekazine May 9th, 2010 May 16th, 2010
6. Absolutely Windows May 16th, 2010 May 23rd, 2010
7. Gottabemobile May 23rd, 2010 May 30th, 2010

Currently, the first round at Neowin has closed and the winner has been announced. The second round will be at Jake’s blog, and we are on the third round of this coolest giveaway of the month.

HP Data Vault X510 is actually valued around $700 for the 1TB version. The most expensive giveaway we ever had at Hardware Sphere. So, never miss this fun contest to win this freak of prize! :)

As an additional fun, HP also threw in three more prizes for another three readers (across the entire chain – 7 blogs) who submit their creatives. You can win the following prize in addition of the Data Vault X510:


  • First Place: One unit of HP Mini 311 Netbook
  • Second Place: One unit HP 8-inch sd828a1 Smart Wi-Fi Display
  • Third Place: One piece nice HP Shirt

So what considered as a creatives? The answer is… anything you can think of!

Just make it as creative as you can to impress HP about their Data Vault X510!

Just a few suggestions, the creative could be in a form of:

  • poster design – if you are a designer
  • funny poems or mind-blowing expression toward Data Vault X510
  • Short videos – You can use Youtube for this
  • Audios (such as short songs, melodies, ringtones or anything else)
  • blog posts – Blog about HP Data Vault X510 with all of your crazy ideas to use the device when you win it
  • A creative reason of why you want the Data Vault X510
  • Tips  about how to use HP Data Vault X510 – If you are tech-guru
  • Anything else that you can think of!

We invite you who have a personal or tech blog to blog about this contest and link to the contest page when it’s up (on 25th). That is also considered as one of the creative for the contest.

The entries must be submitted to the contest to be count as one entry. To give a bit of spoiler, on our contest each person can have up to the maximum of 10 5 entries for the contest. So use it wisely to stand a chance to win both HP Data Vault X510 and the additional bonus prize!

Okay, since the contest is on the next week, I invite you to subscribe to our free newsletter right now so we can let you know at the first place once the contest is up (Make sure to verify your subscription, or I will not be able to send you anything!).

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  • Tom

    And on to the ‘First Place’ prize, the HP Mini 311 Netbook…

    Maybe because I’m usually more rooted to one place, and enjoy a spacious 22″ screen, I’d be tempted to pass the Mini 311 to my second daughter. She’s certainly more mobile and would appreciate the size and power of the 311. (And I’d get some respite from demands for a new PC!)

    Of course, this would be linked in to the HP Data Vault, where she could create her own music and video library and have it all backed up, too. This is perhaps the more important aspect of the Data Vault and her own digital world — because she uses her PC to create original artwork. She’s good! And I’d want to know that we’d have all the originals locked down safely, but ready to share and enjoy.

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