Intel adds New CPUs To Its Line


Intel, the giant chip manufacturer has inserted two more baby CPUs to their line. The two CPUs are 45nm Pentium E5500, and the strongest chip of the class Core i5-680 with 32nm fabrication process.

For the details, Pentium E5500 is a LGA 775 CPU, running on the speed of 2.80 GHz, 2 threads, 2MB of L2 cache, no-hyperthreading feature available, has 800 MHz FSB and will cost $75 only.

On The Intel Core i5-680, this is the true monster released from Intel’s sleeve. It’s believed to be the most powerful LGA 1156 dual-core CPU that runs on 3.60GHz processor speed.

It features 4 threads, 4MB of L3 cache, Integrated graphic chipset and TDP of 73W. But new stuff is always pricey. Intel Core i5-680 32nm CPU will cost you $294, appear to be $10 higher than its brother Core i5-670.

[via HardwareCanucks, NeoSeeker]

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