70-inch Non-3D-Glasses 3D HDTV With Parallax Barrier Technology

Perhaps not everyone is fans of 3D Glasses because it looks like a dork when you wear it. Beside it’s big, it’s also an expensive piece of eyewear. But thanks to the researcher who found the Parallax Barrier Technology, viewing 3D movie without 3D glasses is now possible!


The latest release of the large 70-inch 3D HDTV is now require no 3D glasses to view the 3D effects. Although the effect is not any angle viewable yet, but it’s better than nothing and we can free ourselves from the little pesky 3D glasses wear on our eyes each time we want to watch a 3D Movies.

The 70-inch 3D HDTV is using Parallax Barrier technology to display the 3D effects. The Parallax Barrier is actually a screen that consist of extra screens with precisely placed slits placed in front of the LCD. Thus, it allow each of our eye to view a slightly different images. When combined together, it fool your eyes into thinking that the images is going out of the screen and looks touchable. Nintendo 3DS is suspected to be using this kind of display technology too. That’s way it need no 3D glasses for viewing the effects.

[via DVice]

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