Coming Soon: Nook Lite and Nook 2


Just launched their nook e-ink reader 6 months ago, and now they’ve scheduled another newcomer, the nook Lite and nook 2 for release in this year. Barnes & Noble’s getting hot and they simply just don’t want to sit around lazily let the competition to rule over them. The coming soon nook Lite is the Wi-Fi-only ebook reader that will go on sale at the end of the Q2 for $199. However, The second generation of nook e-ink reader has no details yet. But apparently it will be available at the end of this year during the holidays season.

The latest software update (coming soon), which is the nook v1.4 for the first generation of nook will add browser capability and you can download it through Wi-Fi next week. Most people say it’s worthless to have browser in e-ink ebook reader, but I do think differently as you can always use it for reading news or your favorite tech site in the monochrome style.


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