Coolest Halo Xbox 360 Mod by Richard Taylor

Halo fans? Oh you are gonna brag for this coolest Xbox 360 Mod. Richard Taylor, the man behind the screen has created the coolest ever Xbox 360 Console mod out of his WETA Workshop. He is also the man behind the special effects for Lord of the Rings Trilogy. No wonder why his creation is such an art!


Featuring a cool details action figures of Halo player shooting the ‘freak’ from behind the Xbox 360. The Mod was created to celebrate that Microsoft Xbox 360 console has successfully sold over one million unit in Australia. This coolest Xbox 360 mod is now auctioned in Ebay Australia and the money earned from the auction will be donated to Konsoles for Kids charity.


Currently, The Halo Xbox 360 Mod is auction for AU $610 or about $570 USD. You can check for yourself the detail of the auction at Ebay.

[Toms Guide via Gadgetsteria, Geeky Gadgets]

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