Sony Firmware Update: 3D Support Coming to Sony PlayStation 3!

sony-playstation-3-3d-capability-firmware-updateA new Sony PlayStation Firmware update is on the way and this version contain an interested new feature for PS3. Once you’ve installed the firmware, Sony said that your PlayStation 3 will fully support any 3D game titles that will be released in the future! Oh this is exciting! :)

However, the 3D support is only available for games that available through the PSN, and you won’t be able to play your 3D Blu-ray movie at this time. You have to wait until Sony released their second firmware update before you can watch 3D blu-ray movie on your PS3.


The first firmware update with 3D Support will be released on June this year, and Sony is expected to release another firmware update later in this year which will cover the 3D functionality for Blu-ray movie.

This is a good news. With the Playstation Move coming soon, this year end Christmas holidays could be interesting!

[via Coated and The Cool Gadgets]

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