Nintendo 3DS – Coming on October 2010


This is faster than what I’ve expected. It’s first announced that Nintendo 3DS gaming handheld will ship its first unit on March 2011 next year, but this news update is to tell you that you will be able to see it before Christmas holidays on October – this year!

If this news turn out to be true, gamers will be suffered from the multiple choices of new game accessories and console because Project Natal and PlayStation Move will also coming along around Fall 2010. The news was reported by, telling us that October will be the pre-launch date, a month that will give Nintendo the chance to have a fair head-to-head competition with Microsoft and Sony in the gaming market on this Christmas holidays.

To refresh you up, Nintendo 3DS is rumored to be the whole new series of Nintendo handheld console. It will be able to give you the 3D special effect on the screen (probably with Parallax Barrier Technology) without wearing any 3D glasses at all. And the best of all, the Nintendo 3DS will be fully backward compatible with old game titles from DS and DSi.

[via CVG]

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