Microsoft Kin One And Kin Two: The Social Networking Phones Revealed

The full specification has been revealed for both Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two by Microsoft Germany. It’s first announced last week, but there was no detail yet at that time. The Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two are known as the Social Networking mobile phones, where it designed to work with facebook, twitter and other social media websites.

Here is the details. Starting with Microsoft Kin One. This mobile phone is practically smaller than Kin Two. Microsoft Kin One phone has 2.6-inch QVGA screen only. But it’s a capacitive touchcreen already. Microsoft Kin One capable of displaying 320 x 240 pixels resolution, has 5MP of camera lens sensor with built-in autofocus, anti-shake and a LED flash light.

As for Storage, you can find a 4GB internal flash memory already included. Microsoft Kin One social networking phone is a slider type. Once you slide it up, you can find QWERTY keyboard hiding inside. Microsoft Kin One can connect to the net via Wi-Fi b/g (no n), and it also has 256MB DDR RAM to support the performance needs. For extra features, Microsoft Kin One has FM Radio, accelerometer and GPS.

Now let’s jump to Microsoft Kin Two. This social media phone has a bigger screen at 3.4-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen display, which absolutely capable of displaying larger resolution at 480 x 320 pixels. It’s shape is pretty similar with iPhone 3GS but Microsoft Kin Two have a higher camera sensor at 8MP with autofocus, anti shake, and a LED flash.

The storage is also larger at 8GB, a hidden landscape QWERTY keyboard also available one you slide it horizontally like Nokia N97. Similar to its brother, It also have WiFi b/g, 256MB DDR RAM, FM Radio, accelerometer and GPS.

Though it has been announced, there are no details yet how much these two social networking phones will cost us and when they will be available.

[via IntoMobile]

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