The iPad Pad – The Artisan Pad to Disband False Inputs [Concept]


For you who often facing on the false input problem when using your iPad, you can check out this cool and simple idea that will let you disband such a problem and at the same time, it also become a passive screen wiper as your hand move around crafting your drawing/work.

Introducing the iPad Pad, a solution designed by Johan Basberg where it can let you explore your iPad (or tablets) surface without any false input. The iPad Pad is a simple solution made of wool and polyester and wrapped in pure cotton. iPad Pad is washing machine friendly, can be washed thousands of times until it wear off. How to use it? Check out the following image for more detail:


The idea is to let your little finger to do the work. The iPad Pad has a fold where you can grab it with your little finger, and it will be automatically wrap around your palm to prevent interaction to the tablet / iPad surface. As you drawing or navigating around the surface, the iPad Pad will be passive screen cleaner clearing its way from dusts.




iPad Pad has a double surface, so you can just flip it over to get a whole new screen wiper. One stone for two birds. Nice!

[Pad Gatada via YankoDesign]

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