Elecom Adapter: Adds Power Outlet To Your Laptop PSU!

It’s always an annoy thing to found that the Hotel that we are staying is only have one or two power outlet available for us to recharge our gadgets. Especially irritating if we have a lot of gadgets that need to be re-juiced. We have to bring our own power strips in the bag and that’s hell one inconvenient accessory to bring around.

Elecom spotted this problem, so they’ve crafted a solution where we can easily get an additional power outlet using their newest adapter that will make a good use of your existing Laptop PSU! Look at the picture and you shall figure out what it is! :)


This Elecom adapter turn your laptop Power supply unit into a power strip instantly but bridging the cord with the PSU. You will get two more additional power outlets where you can charge your iPhone or other mobile gadgets. Simple yet creative. I would try to add another piece of this Elecom Adapter to the chain to see if I can get 4 working power outlet or not! :)


No idea how many pieces of Elecom Adapter is allow to chaining on your laptop PSU. I guess (purely guessing) adding 2 or 3 of them together shouldn’t be a problem.

Elecom Adapter is yet to be released. The pricing and availability is set to ‘coming soon’ right now. I’m sure this Elecom Adapter that turn laptop to power strips will be a handy accessory for any gadgeteers who love to travel around.

[SlashGear via Geeky Gadgets]

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