LG To Fight Samsung LED TV with Their OLED Screen TV

To fight Samsung’s LED TV that its popularity has skyrocketed, LG announced that they will produce a ‘better display unit’ that will make you lose your faith on the Samsung LED TV technology.


LG introduced the OLED technology for their future display where it can give you a better, high quality, eco-friendly and a extra low energy consumption type display. Well, just one sentence: It will let you drop Samsung LED TV and go for the LG OLED TV. :)

Will this happen? I’m not sure, we have to wait until the first half of 2011 to see how good the OLED display before making any judgement. However, LG has received a total of 250 billion Won (equal to $226 Millions USD) to expand their facility and develop the OLED TV.

If you have no clue on what’s an OLED TV is, OLED stand for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. A display technology that could produce their own light source without needing an external backlighting to project the images to the screen.

This technology is not a new invention. LG has developed it some time ago. But thanks to Samsung’s grip on many market that has pushed LG to their edge, LG will tripling their OLED TV production on this 2010, and it’s expected to hit the store 6 months later. Now, I wonder. What will Samsung do with this kind of challenge? Will they also push their AMOLED technology as their next gen of TV display technology? Hmm… Seems like a nice clash of display technology is awaiting them ahead.

[Via Softpedia]

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