Mint Automatic Floor Cleaning Robot To Challenge iRobot

mint-automatic-floor-cleaning-robot-topTalking about Cleaning Robot, the name of iRobot will popped out directly on my mind. Who else could do the better job then that little buddy? Well, iRobot is indeed a great champion cleaning robot from the yesteryear’s. But you know, technology keeps improving, so do the technology to create a better and faster floor cleaning robot!

Mint, the newcomer of automatic floor cleaning robot has come to challenge the champion. Mint looks much like a moving home telephone on your floor thanks to the square shape design, and the cleaning head + dry cloth that looks like the handset. However, Mint is suppose to be able to clean the floor faster and more efficient when you compare it with iRobot.

Mint automatic floor cleaning robot uses special dry cloths to pickup dirt and dust from your floor, unlike iRobot that uses detergent or liquid based cleaning kit to wash your floor. Check out the following video for more details:

Mint is actually made exclusively to clean wooden flat floor and tiled floor. No idea if it can clean ceramic-based floor when it has a lot of sticky dirt and dust. This is still one of its challenge if Mint want to duel with iRobot in cleaning this type of floor.


Well, since it hasn’t yet to hit the store (for Pre-order now), so there is no detail review yet on this new cleaning robot. If you are interested, head on over to Evolution Robotics to learn more ($249).

[via Gizmag]

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