Otamatone: Cute But Weird Music Instrument by Meiwa Denki


Here is a strange, cute, and weird musical instrument from Japan. This music gadget has a musical note shape, but it end up with a cute little creature with long tail that you can press upon and let it sings.

This musical note looking gadget is actually an amazing instrument!
By pressing down various parts of the tail button, different pitch and tone will start playing!
It is very easy to learn so if you would practice a little bit, you can start creating your own music!

You can even make Otamatone start singing as well!
All you need to do is start moving its mouth, and Otamatone will start singing for you!

Love to get one of this weird musical note instrument? You can find a lot of weird stuff like this on Strapya. The Otamatone will cost you $31.30 USD to own one (black or white color).

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