Hardware Sphere Giveaway: Win HP Data Vault X510 And More – Closed!

The contest is now closed! We’ll announced the winner tomorrow on May 2nd, 2010. Good Luck everyone! :)

hp-data-vault-x510-giveaway-announcementAs what I have outlined on our contest announcement last week, today the contest is official open!

In this contest, you will stand a chance to win HP StorageWorks Data Vault X510 Media Server (worth $700) and other cool prizes (sponsored by HP themselves) for your creativity. You will absolutely love this giveaway if you are a data junkie who need a device to share and stream your data to your home network.

In case you didn’t know, we have reviewed HP Data Vault X510 (with help from John Obeto) two months ago. You can hit the link to find out what it is and how it performs.

Back to the contest, you can read all the details of what you can win and how to win the additional prizes using your creativity on our contest announcement. To sum it up, other than the HP Data Vault X510 media server, you can also win the following three cool prizes for your creatives:


  • First Place: One unit of HP Mini 311 Netbook
  • Second Place: One unit HP 8-inch sd828a1 Smart Wi-Fi Display
  • Third Place: One piece nice HP Shirt

Below are the contest rules and requirements:

Hardware Sphere Weekly Contest Rules [Sunday, April 25th, 2010]:

  • This contest is available for Subscriber only [Subscription is free! Please look at the requirement below for details].
  • The contest winner is decided using random selection.
  • Worldwide readers are welcomed to join the fun.
  • Contest Last Call: Saturday, May 1, 2010 midnight (UTC time).
  • We will contact the winner (using the valid email you’ve submitted, or Twitter ID or Facebook Profile) on Sunday, May 2, 2010.
  • Winner must response to the email within 2 x 24 hours.
  • Please do not expose the Contest Code in your Comment.

Contest Requirements:

  • Subscribe to our Free Newsletter and get the Contest Code. There are two ways to subscribe:
    • via RSS Feed: The contest code is at the end of each article.
    • via Email Subscription: You can find the code at the end of the verification email in your mailbox (Make sure to verified your subscription), if you have subscribed you can find the code at the title of our newsletter.
  • Leave a comment at this post using your valid email address and the contest code to the email field. Example: [email protected], where ‘abXX′ is the sample contest code. Fail to input the correct contest code will be automatically disqualified.
  • You can comments max 5 entries only (the email and IP will be recorded). If we detect more than 5 entries submitted by the same contestant, he/she will be disqualified automatically.

Want extra entries to stand more chance to win the Data Vault? Your wish is my command!

  • If you have twitter, follow us on Twitter, then Tweet or ReTweet about this contest with Hashtags: #HP #contest #giveaway. Comment with your timeline link to get an extra 1 entry for the contest.
  • If you have facebook, Fans us on Facebook, and share this contest on your wall. Comment here with your Facebook profile URL to get another 1 entry! :)
  • If you have blog, blog about this contest and link back to this contest page. You will get one trackback link for SEO purpose + one more additional entry. Double bonus! 😀

Tips to make a good use of your 5 entries on this contest:
Since we give you the freedom to comments up to 5 entries / contestant, don’t just use it up with a simple “Thanks” or “Count me In” comments. Remember, you can win more prize if you submit your creatives. Use them to post the most creative things that you can think about (related to HP Data Vault). Whether it’s a disaster recovery, hacking, tweaking poems, poster, cool images or anything else.

Or it can be as simple as telling us what you will do with the HP Data Vault if you win it, why you want it, how will you use it and what is the tips and tricks to make a good use of the device (if you are tech-guru). Well, it’s just about anything you can think of! :)

If you need to submit a poster design or something similar, please email it to us at ken[at]hardwaresphere[dot]com after making your comment on this post. Let us know what is your comment number so we can link your creative to your comment properly.

Well, I wish you all the best luck! HP wish you to have fun with this contest, so be it. Have Fun! 😉

If you think you are gonna miss this contest, don’t worry. Just keep your eyes open for the giveaway that will be held on the following website:

If you don’t submit anything creative, then you are only qualified for the HP Data Vault X510 draw. HP and Ivyworldwide asked us to submit 10 most creative contestants to them and they’ll do the draw to pick the three winners across all websites above to win the Netbook, WiFi display and T-shirt.

So make sure to submit your creative or you will not be able to get win the additional prizes!

The first poem creative example: Look at comment number 127! Great job!

Finally! We have received the first poster / photo creativity! Check it out here and use it as your guide to create another creativity using HP Data Vault x510 as the subject. Thanks, Michelle Simons!

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  • Roy Fernbach

    Wish me luck!

  • (I am sorry this is long, but I have to plead my case) Seeing as though no one else has posted for this, you can see I am the best choice for the winner of this contest. No one else will get as much use out of this as me. There have been many times when my laptop has either acquired a virus or has crashed and lost all of its data. This would be the ultimate backup machine, but I don’t have enough money to actually purchase one of these. I am running close to 500 GB and 1 TB would be just what I need to have enough space to back up all my data.

    What I mean by data is: pictures, videos, documents, and even a disaster recovery backup of my machines’ operating system and Hard Drive. This would also be the best thing to use for my whole family’s Windows Home Server. If I won this “HP StorageWorks Data Vault X510 Media Server” then my whole family would be able to save all their information in one centralized place. Thus allowing each of us access to each others pictures and allowing our machines to run faster, because of all the freed up space on our machines. The Laptop would also be a great Mother’s Day gift for my mother, because she has never actually had a laptop or any computer of the sort. She highly craves a Laptop to: surf the web, read emails, and video chat with my Grandmother, but neither of us can afford to buy one.

    The Wi-Fi Display would be awesome for displaying all our pictures that would be connected to the Home Server, and the HP Shirt is a perfect gift for my Dad, who is always looking for a new shirt (to brag about). Even though I need a Home Server and a Laptop for my mother more than anything else, I would greatly appreciate any of the gifts that you would bestow upon me.

    I am far from any type of greed and will accept anything that the Grace of God gives me. Hopefully I have pleaded my case to the point where I will be the clear winner of the “HP StorageWorks Data Vault X510 Media Server” and The HP Mini 311 Netbook.

  • Joe K

    If I win the HP media server, I will use it for the home network I am building.

  • kyle

    If I win I would rather have the netbook.

  • KYLE

    I guess I could find a way to make my network better with the data vault.

  • h.j. mcnaron

    I’m about to start filming on a documentary/oral history project and I really need a single location to store the files. This would be such a great start, I could use it as backup for my camera harddrive and feel better knowing it’s safe.

  • h.j. mcnaron

    I fanned you on FB and shared the contest. My FB name is A Marie HJ Saver.

  • h.j. mcnaron

    I would also love to have the digital frame, I know it’s silly but I still don’t have one. Though I would likely give this one to my parents so they could have constantly-updated pics of their grandkids, they would love that.

  • blackdragon

    dragon wins!

  • Douglas

    I would love to have the Netbook… thanks for the great contest !!!

  • Joe K

    The HP data vault media server would be ideal the home network I am building. It currently includes a 65″ tv and an APC Powerline Filter / Surge Protector.

  • Joe K

    I’ve never had a media server before. I’m looking forward to easy access to my media files no matter what the technology or control device. From my research, we’re still a ways a way from that. The HP data vault media server would be a good start.

  • Joe K

    If I won it, I’d use the HP data vault to archive all my video and music files, for easy access throughout my home network.

  • Joe K

    My stereo system once was very good, state of the art. But it’s ancient now and I had to get rid of it. If I win the HP data vault, I’ll splurge for a home wireless network with top of the line speakers. I think they would be a good combination, allowing me to enjoy my music and videos throughout my home. Thanks for the contest.

  • Annette D

    I am an extremely busy Mother of two teenage sons. While they are wonderful sons, I’m sure that Mother’s Day will come and go, without so much as a card. I’m sure that they will wish me a Happy Mother’s Day and I am not complaining because they are very busy as well. My oldest son is in college and my younger son is in high school, they both have lots of school work to do. Anyway this would make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift!

  • Annette D

    Following on twitter and tweeted http://twitter.com/annedoggett/status/12862763275

  • Vicki Andrew

    If I won I would give it to my daughter , she is in college and is an animation major. her Mac died along with all her files and her pictures from her summer in Europe. Now she has to borrrow my computer and use one of the lab ones to get her work done, she needs to be able to safely store all her work

  • Michael Forcer

    Data Loss Near Miss!

    I arrived into work one morning (im that IT Guy), i usually start the day checking my e-mail only to be presented with a network timeout error i tried to remote into the firewall FAIL. So i stumbled all the way down to the server to find it had a BSOD, turning it off and back on done nothing.. as soon as it got to the loading windows screen we had a BSOD.

    So i unplugged it and dragged the heavy beast up to my room, only to find the Hard drive had some errors, it wouldnt even let me scandisk without it failing.

    luckily i had everything backed up or so i thought. We use ISA Server and i forgot to backup our access rules which effectively controls every aspect of our network. The company that installed the ISA no longer exists.. at this point i thought my job was on the line, it would be impossible for me to rebuild ISA crippling our network.

    I resorted to buying another SCSI drive reinstalling WINDOWS *2000,LOL* and i some how managed to scan the broken drive and fix the errors from the new drive.

    Now i have ISA backed up and have learned alot more about servers. It was a stressful couple of days but i got the job done.

    Since then i have been super paranoid about backing up but only have a portable LACIE drive, this would be perfect!!

  • Michael Forcer

    Following on Twitter, here is my timeline tweet:


  • Andrew Gordon

    got mine

  • Scott Bergman

    This would be great to win. Thanks for the chance!

  • courtney

    i would love this! i’m a subscriber

  • Roger Haynes

    Great contest for a nice device. I’ll take any of them! :) My 750GB WD Mybook is now full so i need space to store my girlfriend’s every growing picture collection. She long filled her 120GB WD Passport i gave her and has been using my drive for her backup and storage. She’s a budding photographer so let’s help her out here :)

    Thanks again!

  • courtney
  • courtney