Floppy Disks Doomed – Sony To Stop Production in March 2011


Well, all that has the beginning shall meet-up with its ending time sooner or later. The giant tech dinosaur is going to extinct quietly as Sony stopped its production in March 2011. Floppy disk is one of the media storage that considered as ‘practical’ back in ’90 era, but fast forward two decades, floppy disks have lost its functionality since it can only store 1.44MB in the film (yeah, thanks to the current flash drive that could hold up to 128GB! Damn Huge capacity and ‘very practical’ to bring around). So it’s time to let Floppy disk end its struggling and let it Rest-In-Peace. Thanks, Floppy. We’ll miss you. :)

P.S. You can see the revived version of floppy disk, but it’s not a media storage anymore, it’s a Sticky Notes!

[Engadget via Coated, Coolest Gadgets]

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