iStand iPhone Stand: Joystick-Like Silicone Stand for iPhone 3GS

You might think that an iPhone stand should be sturdy, covered in hard material and made of carbon fiber is possible. However, the guys who created this iStand iPhone Stand didn’t think so. They thought an iPhone stand could be as simple as the cheapest and simplest ipad holder (which is a business card holder!), so they’ve created the iPhone stand out of a flexible silicone material with no hard edge at all!


iStand is designed by a cool Japanese Masata Tokuno, and his design was manufactured by IDEA international. Basically, iStand iPhone stand is a soft silicone stand that looks like a joystick handle. It has a suction cup at one of its end where you can use it to stick on your iPhone 3GS.


Depending on what degree you want to view your iPhone, you can adjust its suction position until you get the view point you needed. You can also choose to host it in a portrait or landscape position.

This should be one of the stand that gamers will like. At the level of $6.7 USD, getting ten of them wouldn’t be a problem! :)


Well, if you are interested, iStand iPhone stand is available in various colors (Blue, Orange, Green, etc). You can find it at Rakuten for more details.

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