Dell Sparta and Athens Netbooks: The God-dess Netbooks Will Descend Soon


Dell has leaked out more devices after their huge release of Dell android phone and tablet PC. The upcoming products from Dell will be codenamed as Sparta and Athens, a God War and the Goddess of wisdom and art (okay, don’t shout SPAARTAAAN! here! :) ). So will Dell Sparta as strong as the God and Dell Athens as Wiseful as the Goddess? Well, up to date, we only received a couple of peeks into the details, so no full specs revealed yet. All that we know that Dell will released a couple of 11-inch netbooks based on ARM platform, powered by Android OS or Moblin (or probably MeeGo) under the Sparta and Athens holy name.

Both machines will be slim line, have a lightweight design and support optional 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

Dell Sparta netbook will be the most unique one with rotative display, and it’s fully adopting a new convertible tablet mechanism. But to tell you the truth, it looks pretty fragile with the hollow frame when flipping the screen, Dell still have to assure me more on this before I step in my foot into this new convertible tablet concept.

Meanwhile, Dell Athens netbook will be the one with lightweight wisdom. It has weight under 900 grams thanks to the unusual razor thin typing interface. I doubt there is a keyboard there. Perhaps Dell will make it as the first netbook with ‘touchboard’ with no more tactile keys to press on.


According to Dell’s roadmap taken from AndroidCentral, Dell Sparta netbook will descended around August, while Athens coming late in October. Pricing remains undisclosed.

[via Engadget]

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