Wireless Speaker That Works on FM Frequency


Wireless speaker is very convenient because there is no more cabling hassle and you can virtually move them anywhere else without limited by cable (in a reasonable range). However, the downside of Wireless speaker is the signal that will be interrupted by other wireless devices that work on the same frequency such as cordless phone or other microwaves.

To avoid interference of the signals, you can only either switch on one gadget at a time or just find a wireless speaker that works on a different frequency to avoid the signals crashing each other. Here is a solution offered by Hammacher, a wireless speaker that will works on FM frequency instead of the usual 2.4Ghz or other common wireless frequency.

Hammacher’s Interference Avoiding wireless speaker can provide you the uninterrupted highest sound quality streaming from the transmitter to the receivers (in this case, the wireless speaker). All you have to do is to hook up your music player (iPod, MP3 player, TV, CD player, PMP, etc.) to the 3.5mm jack transmitter, and you’ll be able to hear your favorite songs played on the wireless speakers even the transmitter-receiver distant is 100 feet away!

However, this interference avoiding wireless speaker requires a handful of C batteries to work properly (as well as the transmitter – it needs four AA batteries). However, Hammacher has included two adapters to power up the device if battery is not your stuff.

Another downside that you might have found is the 3.5mm transmitter. Unless you have some type of converter that could turn the 3.5mm jack to suit your media player, your media player should have that 3.5mm port or you will not be able to make a good use of this wireless speaker.

If you are interested, you can get this wireless speaker that works on FM Frequency for $99.95 at Hammacher. Each of your purchase will comes with a RCA cable and 3.5mm stereo cable.

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