Eye-Fi Geo X2 SD Card

eye-fi-geo-x2-wifi-sd-memory-cardEye-Fi has upgrade their Geo SD Card to a whole new level with their Geo X2 memory card.

In this newe series, Eye-Fi SD memory card featuring a new Wi-Fi N transmitter, this feature promises a better and faster file handling and faster connection to your online photo sharing website or social network such as Facebook.

Another amazing feature this Eye-Fi Geo X2 SD Card has is the ‘endless memory technology‘, where your photos taken with your camera is uploaded directly to your computer (if you let it on while taking pictures) and leave no backup in the card itself. This feature is pretty convenient, but you’ll have to make sure that your PC is properly sync-up with the Eye-Fi Geo X2 SD card or your photos might just disappear in the thin air.

This feature also work for the recorded video stored on the Geo X2 card, which turn the SD memory into a giant storage that looks unlimited (depend on the size of your laptop hard drive free space).

Eye-Fi Geo X2 SD Card is available exclusively for Apple users, because it’s only available in Apple store for $69.99 with 4GB storage capacity.

[via Cult of Mac]

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