ISS-TALK 7140 Freetalk Everyman HD Web Camera for Skype HD


Skype has become the Worlds most popular application to do free chatting (audio or video) over the net with no additional charge on the telephone bill. So it’s worth some more attention to correct those bad video quality when chatting with our default 1.3MP camera on our laptop or desktop.

Introducing the ISS-Talk 7140 Freetalk Everyman HD Web camera, a HD Webcam that will let you chat with proud and excitement with your friends and family over the Net. The Freetalk HD Web camera offering 720p HD video quality (1280 x 720p with 22 fps), gets 24-bit true color depth, has Auto exposure, auto white balance and auto focus capability.

The ISS-Talk 7140 Freetalk Everyman HD Web camera has been official Skype Certified. So you can make sure it’s working perfectly on your Skype Apps. But you should also make sure you have the latest Skype version to allow the HD streaming. Currently, Freetalk HD Web camera is available for $49.99 in Skype shop.

With Skype, the world’s boundary is as far as a mouse click away! :)

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