Post-It Apocalyptic: A Post-It Note Gun For GunAholic

Are you GunAholic or War-Maniac? If so, you might love to read about this new concept (brought to you by Alex Marshall) called Post-It Apocalyptic – a Post-It Note Gun!


It’s practically a toy gun, but it don’t have a rounded tip to shoot metal bullet. Instead, the gun’s head is shaped like a razor, and it can shoot out post it note like shooting out the heart piercing bullets.


This stationary might a bit flashy if available to purchase, and I doubt your boss would allow you to bring such a ‘weapon’ to your work desk even it’s just for fun. However, if you are working at your own home office like me, then this stuff might be fun. :)

There is no known details about the mechanism yet. No idea if it can shoot out post-it note that can stick directly to the wall we pointing at or not. But if it do have such a mechanism, it could be fun. Alex also rendered his Post-it Note gun in the rusty steampunk style. Pretty a cool gadget and a fun toy for the boring office life of a gunaholic.

[via YankoDesign]

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