Samsung Launches Full HD 55-inch 9000 Series 3D LED TV

Finished toying with their 8000 series, Samsung has leaped forward to produced their next generation of 3D LED TV known as the 9000 series. This Full HD 55-inch 3D LED HDTV featuring a magnificent frame finish, where it has a stylish stainless steel bezel warping the 7.89mm thick LED TV.


This premium series of 3D LED TV from Samsung featuring an auto-sliding touchpad metalic stand, ‘Smart Control’ function with a 3-inch touch screen, 3D picture quality with incredible depth and perfect clarity, Internet TV support and other interesting features that will be unveils in the upcoming month.



The overall feeling of Samsung 9000 Series 3D LED TV is “luxurious and elegant”. The main reason is perhaps because of the reflective bezel, frame, and stand that looks like a blurred glass. And the best of all, the model lazy is nice looking! 😉

Samsung 9000 series Premium 3D LED TV carrying the MSRP of 9 Millions Won (equal to $8,043 USD). Hell cheap!

[via The Cool Gadgets]

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