digiZoid Unveils Zo Personal Subwoofer – No More Flat Sounds

If you dislike the flat sounds produced by your PMP, MP3 players, Laptop, netbook, iPhone, iPod or even your iPad, the you should really check this tiny subwoofer out!


This is the Zo Personal Subwoofer by digiZoid. According to their claimed, digiZoid Zo personal subwoofer can provide a bass effect similar to a 12-inch subwoofer although it has a small dimension. It even has up to 32 different intensity levels to adjust the sounds that suit your taste. I’m sure they’ve some strong factor before daring to claim such big.

Zo Personal subwoofer also coming with a cable that will hook both the Zo personal subwoofer with your player via headphone port (3.5mm). The Zo will be the ‘amplifier’ that bridging your sound source with your headphone. So anything that come into the Zo subwoofer is enhanced and reproduced with their digiZoid® SmartVector™ technology before getting on your ears through a compatible earbuds. Result? You’ll get a phenomenal bass effect even your headphone is not the bass type.

Zo Personal subwoofer needs power to stay on, so it has its own internal rechargeable battery to keep it alive. Zo Personal subwoofer will cost you $99 to own one. Exactly expensive if I’ve to say. But if it can provide an impressive sounds out of its small throat, I’m sold. :)

[digiZoid, via TechFresh, TFTS]

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