Louis Vuitton Goes iPad Case, Too!

The popularity of iPad tablet has make the popular bag manufacturer Louis Vuitton to create a luxurious leather case for iPhone! In case you are a die-hard fans of Louis Vuitton branded leather goods, this case is not something that you want to miss.


Slot your iPad into this Louis Vuitton case, and you’ll immediately get that ‘Luxurious’ taste. Featuring the usual LV logo mark and pattern, this Louis Vuitton iPad case is available in two different styles. One is Monogram design and the other one is monochrome Damier Graphite design.

Just because it’s Louis Vuitton, you’ll have to get your wallet ready to pay the almost same price as the iPad at $366!

You’ll be able to see this Louis Vuitton iPad case starting next year. You still have much time to save money though. :)

[via Born Rich]

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