Polaroid 300 Instant Camera – Practical But Expensive

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera

Fans of Polaroid camera, here is the latest version of Polaroid camera that will make its landing on next month. The Polaroid 300, is an instant point-and-shoot film camera where you can get the final printed photo result in just seconds. The Polaroid 300 instand camera cost you $90 only. It looks cheap, but it’s actually expensive in the long run.

You will need to feed the camera with special polaroid paper that can only handle 10 shots. Each roll of paper will cost you $10 so if you need to out going with this type of camera, you’ll have to buy A LOT of them that cost A LOT of cash to snaps 1000 scenery photos. :)

Well, it’s really just for fans who love the old school technology. For better performance or budget-strict users, I suggest to go for a compact digital camera instead!


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