Sold Out In 2 Hours: HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon Wireless Online Store

HTC DROID Incredible Sold Out in Two Hours

It’s staggering, the long rumored HTC DROID Incredible has been sold out within 2 hours of its official debut in Verizon Wireless online store. It’s been long booked by the fans of HTC phone and the DROID Incredible is sure one of the strongest phones of its class. According to the source, the HTC DROID Incredible is actually sold out before it hit the online store. So just about 2 hours, HTC DROID Incredible was out of stock. Although we don’t have the data on how much the inventory Verizon kept, but it’s still an amazing record. I’m sure HTC has done their pre-launching campaigns well before the phone to pop out in the market.

For those who late in ordering the HTC Droid Incredible, new online order will be shipped next month on May 4th.

[Verizon Wireless via Ubergizmo and BGR]

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