Gsou USB Webcam


Do you always let your PC connected to the net all day long with webcam installed? Then you are leaving the possibility for your room to be observed by a naughty talented hacker. Nowadays hacker are just so clever. They can enter to your PC freely (if they are a talented one) and get access to your webcam to see what are you doing.

To prevent this, a China manufacturer comes up with an idea of webcam with anti-peep capability. Gsou USB webcam is the name, and its shape is pretty cute with a bald head man hiding his eyes with his hand to disable peeps.

The hands will automatically open up when you want to use it for video chatting. When you are done, it will cover the camera lens again automatically. There is also a manual setting that let you uncover/cover the lens by your hands. I think the manual way is better because hackers could just access their the source code, and hacked it to open automatically. Well, best of all? Just remove the webcam from your PC and it’s all done. :)

[GSou USB Webcam via EverythingUSB]

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  • Anonymous

    The USB webcam like a cute toy, you can buy one for your baby and they will become good friends.

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