WeFound F630 e-Book Reader

Finally, Amazon is cloned in China! I thought it will took forever for them to make their own Chinese version of Kindle ebook reader, but now it’s here!


wefound-kindle-2-clone-ebook-reader-frontKnown as the WeFound F630 ebook reader, this device is obviously similar with Amazon kindle. However, WeFound F630 ebook reader is free to use on any TD-SCDMA 3G or GPRS/EDGE network on your country. WeFound F630 powered by 600MHz processor, has 4GB internal storage, 6-inch 800×600 e-ink display, QWERTY keyboard, measure in 196.5 x 127.5 x 9.8mm and it has a miniUSB port for transfering data.

According to iTechnews, WeFound F630 ebook reader comes with three years of Free EDGE and 3G access for users in China to download e-book content from WeFound store. It’s pretty cool, and you can also listen to your MP3 songs when reading ebooks. Just like what Amazon Kindle 2 capable of doing!

WeFound is now available in China for 3680 Yuan or equal to $540 USD.

[WeFound via iTechNews]

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