Pros and Cons: Eye-Fi Pro X2 Wi-Fi SDHC Card Review


With the advancement in technology, now even an slim an small SDHC card can let you stream your data via Wi-Fi from your digital camera to your Laptop directly without any network needed. It’s all thanks to Eye-Fi type of Wi-Fi SDHC card and they’ve released the Pro X2 version. Is this Wi-Fi SDHC Card worth your attention? Let our Pros and Cons Reviews let you know this product in a quick look!

The Pros – Benefits of Eye-Fi Pro X2 Wi-Fi N SDHC Card:

  • Support 802.11n WiFi technology with backward compatibility with 802.11b/g
  • Endless Memory mode – after the SDHC card synced with your laptop, the data will be deleted from the card giving you an endless size of SDHC card (depend on how large your laptop hard drive)
  • A bit increased capacity and speed over the its predecessors
  • allows for RAW files uploading – a feature left out of the cheaper, non-pro alternatives
  • Can do automatic upload to your social media profile (facebook, youtube, Flickr, Picasa, etc.)
  • The card is using Class 6 SD (48 Mbit), an improved flash performance over the previous generation
  • can be set up as an ad-hoc network, no need for a wireless network to transfer files from your card to your computer or other supported wireless devices
  • Geotagging, automatic and lifetime tagging through GPS on a map

The Cons – Disadvantages of using Eye-Fi Pro X2 Wi-Fi SDHC Card:

  • The Price is relatively high
  • Some sort of difficulty in setting up FTP server via Eye-Fi Manager
  • despite of its WiFi-N technology and endless memory mode, it has no significant performance boost. Just a flick.
  • Not all camera will compatible with this Card – Should see their compete compatibility list before buying or you’ll regret it.


Basically, Eye-Fi Pro X2 Wi-Fi SDHC Card is a magnificent solution for those who love the hassle-free data syncing between your digital camera and your laptop. The card offers 8GB SDHC storage capacity, where you can store up to 4,000 photos or about 3 hours of video recording. However, thanks to the cool “Endless Memory Mode”, Eye-Fi Pro X2 has become the world’s first SHDC card with unlimited capacity (depend on how large your laptop hard drive is). Pretty useful, but the price is one of the thing to consider well before stacking your money on the table. At the level of $150 (lowest price), this is SDHC card is not a wallet-friendly type of memory card…

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