JooJoo Tablet Gets 3G Treatment – Debut Three Months Later

3g joojoo tablet pc

JooJoo is getting a new version where the CEO of Fusion Garage Chandra Rathakrishanan think it as a “must have” update to follow the current fast moving tablet advancement. This latest version will get 3G network support, which mean you can free yourself from relying too much on Wifi hotspot and go for the 3G network for mobile browsing.

The 3G version of JooJoo is now in the works and it’s planned to debut on late August or early September 2010. According to our source, 3G version of JooJoo tablet will be sold by mobile carriers/operators and it the tablet might be sold cheaper with some 2-year type of internet plan contract to sign.

The official pricing of 3G version is expected to be revealed before its debut, but it should hover above $499.

[via TFTS]

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