Aigo N700 Android tablet

Here is another Android Tablet that might become one of the threat for Apple iPad. Aigo N700 Android Tablet is the codename, and this android tablet has a pretty brave specification although it’s rolling out of a Chinese company.


Aigo N700 Tablet featuring Dual core Cortex A9 1GHZ processor with 1MB L2 cache, good amount of 512MB DDR2 RAM, but it has a small 7-inch multi-touch screen display with max resolution of 800×480.

Just like iPad, Aigo N700 offers on-board non-replaceable storage. You can choose from 4GB, 16GB or 32GB (8GB missing somehow) but it support microSD card expansion. For the basic connection option, Aigo N700 tablet has WiFI connectivity (it’s not WiFi-N yet), and you can also opt for the 3G WWAN or go for your local 3G network with cell phone SIM card.

Aigo N700 also offering USB port for reading external data, HDMI output for HDTV footage, 1.3MP webcam, built-in speakers, full Flash 10.1 support, run on Android 2.1, can read office document, and many more! It sure have a wealth of features, but I’m not sure how much you have to pay for this piece of tablet since there is no official price details and availability yet.

[via Gadgetlite]

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