Create Deep Brand Awareness With 3D Posters Advertisement

With the rave upon the 3D display technology, people have come to understand that 3D can make life better and more exciting. Besides you can ‘hallucinating’ as if you can touch the object from the screen, you can have more thrilling experiences when watching 3D enabled action-packed movies.

So, that’s for entertainment view. What about advertisement view point? Do 3D technology capable of creative a better brand awareness to make a pre-customer remember our product like no tomorrow?


Well, Fraunhofer Institute, University of Kiel and RealEyes did think so. So they’ve created something called 3D Posters. The 3D posters requires no 3D glasses to view the 3D effects. Is it a Parallax Barrier technology?

Nope, the 3D effects were a result of the 250,000 2mm small lenses stick onto the poster that created a fake 3 dimensional model!

The process of creating this 3D poster is pretty sophisticated. There is a special software that will act as the modifier of the poster’s digital data, where it has a complicated calculates to avoid image distortion because of the tiny 2mm lens covered in the posters. At the same time, the program will adjust and deliver the final image that has three dimensional model after properly adjusting the lens to the images.

So, we can say it’s a lens trick. It will trick our eyes into thinking that the 3D posters are going out of the wall and keep changing as we move across the 3D posters or when viewed with different angles.

With such a advertisement posters stick on the street, people might just unconsciously remember a product brand better than the conventional poster because the 3D posters can leverage the curiosity of the viewers.

[via Engadget]

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