Great – Black Nintendo Wii Coming to US in a Bundle


In 2009, there was a news that Black Nintendo Wii edition will not coming to the US even though it has long available in Amazon UK. However, this news is coming to break those old beliefs that Black Wii will not hit the US. According to the latest Press Release done by Nintendo, The Black Wii has now officially confirmed and it will be coming on this May 9 in one ‘tasty bundle’.

The PR said Black Nintendo Wii will coming together with Wii Sports, Sports Resort and Wii MotionPlus accessory for $199.99. This is certainly a bargain when it has become available. Nintendo also noticed us that the black remotes and Nunchuks will also be available at the same day.

Nintendo is considered as an old console and perhaps many household has own one of them. So I’m not sure if Nintendo Wii Black edition will make any difference since it’s just the color-matter only. However, if you are a bargain hunter, this deal is certainly something worthwhile. Keep your eyes focus on either BestBuy or for this bundle on May 9.

[Nintendo via SlipperyBrick]

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