Online Iris2Iris Eye Contact Web Camera – Now You Can Look Into The Eyes!

Hard to believe that the webcams that ever produced until now is not perfect at all, especially at making a direct eyes contact with our oponent. It seems so difficult that we should look away to the screen and webcam back and fort when having an active online video conversation.

But worry no more, because the latest webcam called Iris2Iris has now enable you to look into your friend’s eye and speak to them head-to-head without the up-down eyes motion anymore.


This Online Iris2Iris Eye Contact Web camera will help you look into your contact person strike forward with the help of a monitor that uses a camera-reflection system.

Making eye contact with the other person via web camera has always been a problem. Iris allow you to look straight into the eyes of your contact person with the help of a monitor with uses a camera-reflection system.

Talking while making an eyes contact is very important to understand each other as we unconsciously exchanging important information via eyes contact and non-verbal expression. It looks interesting, but as you may have known, new technology is always expensive. You will need to jab your pocket deep to buy this webcam system because it can cost you one high-end gaming laptop or desktop.

Well, if making a correct eye contacts with your business person while video chatting on the net can help you earn ten thousands of dollars each day, then I think it’s a worthwhile investment. :)

[Iris2Iris via Red Ferret]

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