Sony Qlasp Earbuds: An Earbuds That Clip On Your Ears

If you are an audiophiles, you might have known that the most obvious downside of an earbuds are their size that is not adjustable (except those in-ear type of earphone with switchable silicone). If you are ear hole is too small, you’ll tend to hurt your ear and the earbuds might just continuously dropping out of your ears.


Sony saw this, so they’ve introduced a new way of hosting the earbuds on your ears. In their Sony Qlasp Earbuds, Sony ask the users to clips the earbuds onto their earlobe with the earphone driver facing inner side to your ear holes. The Qlasp earbuds ca pumps out about 6Hz to 23,000Hz frequency, and it will stay on your ears forever unless you remove the no stressing clips.

Although we have seen a better jobs done by Budfits, This Sony Qlasp earbuds is certainly not too shabby. At the level of $25, I’m sure lots of audiophiles will love to get one. For more tastes, Sony Qlasp earbuds is available in various kind of color combination that looks pretty youth and funky.

[via Ohgizmo]

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